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Wiki Tests For Android

This blog contains material and links to sites useful for learning and teaching English (“WikiTests”, “On the Web”) within the context of Web Semantics. You can also find a description of some of the Software developed by Langtech.

Wiki Tests Online and Android App

The Wiki Tests for Android app allows you to create tests from Wikipedia articles as an aid to learning English Vocabulary and Grammar. Information about the Wiki Tests for Android app can be found here: (play store, help file). The online version is hosted on the Red Hat Cloud.

Sentiment and Semantics Online App

The Sentiment and Semantics online app (Android version to follow), allows you to view tweets containing the search phrase you enter when presented with a popup after pressing one of the update buttons. The tweets you view are classified according to their sentiment and can be analyzed with respect to their semantic content. Duplicates have been removed along with possible spam.

On The Web – blog

This blog contains reading material and information about the English language. You can also find pointers to online resources for learning and teaching English and developing educational software.

WikiTests – blog

The WikiTests page and blog contains vocabulary tests constructed automatically from Wikipedia articles by the online app. Two types of tests are created. The first test contains words with their letters scrambled up (or sometimes not). The student’s task is to unscramble them. The second test is an open cloze test where the words from the first test have been removed and replaced with underscores. The original text appears at the end of the test along with a list of the most important words found and collocations. The tests are classified as either Intermediate or above. If you would like to be informed about the latest tests then subscribe to our RSS feed.

Roget’s Thesaurus

While you are here, why not download Langtech’s repackaged version of Roget’s Thesaurus.

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